1-800-get-lens.com Website Review & Ratings + 1-800-GET-LENS Coupons
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1-800-get-lens.com Website Review & Ratings + 1-800-GET-LENS Coupons

1800GetLens is a website for people that are in need of contacts and eyewear accessories.  There site is extensive and includes brand names such as, "Bausch and Lomb, Toric, Fresh Look, Frequency, Acuvue 1 and 2, and Biomedics."  Top of the line brands and great prices.  Anyone that struggles with poor eyesight, especially with an astigmatism like myself, knows that insurances typically cover very little and you are left with not only a huge out of pocket expense, but also a headache from searching for what you need.  This site is easy to browse and is comparable to 1800Contacts that is frequently advertised on television and radio.  The site is typically very easy to navigate but you also have access to toll free customer support if you need help with purchasing eyewear or just need to ask a question about a product.

1-800-GET-LENS: What makes it different?

One of the key differences that makes this site special in the marketplace is the huge discounts compared to other sites.  No site that I have seen offers such a steep discount, up to 70 percent!  That is an extremely great deal when a typical year supply of contacts runs about $200.00 or more.  The site is very easy to navigate and has everything listed in order from your basic, no frills, and weaker contact lenses, to your more high end and stronger styles of contacts for people that are far sighted and with an astigmatism.  I myself have struggled with poor vision since the 3rd grade and have found it to be a hassle anytime I have to go to the eye doctor, which is once a year.  Many times I will wait until the very last minute to go to the eye doctor; sometimes missing my deadline altogether.  Anyone that has had this happens knows that if you are even over your one year mark by a day has to go through the entire exam process over again which costs more money.  Then you are still left with the price of the contacts and glasses themselves.  All in all it usually runs around $350 to $400 per year.  I love sights like this, as I can just go on and use my current prescription and have my contacts ordered and at my home within days.  Having a sight like "1800gotlens" makes it very easy and inexpensive to take care of my eyewear needs.

1-800-GET-LENS vs. primary competitors (sites similar to 1-800-GET-LENS)

Typically the most heard of eyecare website is "1800Contacts."  It has been around for a long time and has many loyal customers and great reviews.  They have teamed up with Wal-Mart, allowing for some pretty steep discounts.  However, "1800GetLens" in my opinion offers a better selection and a much better discount then its competitor.  One thing that stands out about this site is that there is not a long wait when calling in if I have a question or concern.  After actually looking over the site and deciding that I wanted to get some more information, I called "1800GetLens" and had my call answered immediatly.  The customer care representative that answer my call was very helpful and knowledgeable.  She addressed me as "Sir" after every statement or question and was extremely polite.  That is very special and unexpected nowadays when most call centers have been outsourced to other countries and mostly they are not as polite, courteous, and knowledgeable.  It was very refreshing and much appreciated.

1-800-GET-LENS: Pricing & packages

Pricing is a very important aspect of picking out the proper eyewear that one needs.  Some people are very fortunate and never have to deal with poor vision.  However almost 40 percent of Americans have issues with their eyesight.  We are always looking for the best deals and "1800GetLens" has the lowest rates that I have seen on the market.  For my specific type of contacts; Frequency Toric 55 for near-sightedness and astigmatism, I found them on the site for $45.99.  Which is extremently low compared with "1800Contacts which has the same contacts and prescription strength for the higher price of $59.99 per box.  That is a $14.00 difference in price for the same exact contact lenses.  Most of the comparisons that I ran on the two sites had the same outcome.  "1800GetLens" was always much less expensive then its competitor.  So whatever your eyewear needs, feel assured that you are getting the better deal and the same quality product as the competitors.

1-800-GET-LENS: Product images & screenshots
1-800-GET-LENS Coupons
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1-800-GET-LENS: Customer reviews & comments

Many people that have advertised their comments stated that "1800GetLens" was less expensive, comparable in quality and style, and had great customer service and speed of delivery.  Altough the site does not have customer feedback specifically about their site, you can go see what peoples feedback is about the specific products that they buy.  You can also look on the web and just type "1800GetLens customer feedback or blogs" and you will get a few great blogs from people writing about their experiences with this site.  Of course there are always going to be some people that are dissatisfied with everything, for the majority there are great reviews about this site.  Well worth checking out if you would like to see what real people are saying about it.  I typically do this with any product that I am looking at.  I never just go by what the site has as far as customer feedback.  Always check the web and look for blogs about it. 

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Get $30 off $299+ @ 1-800-GET-LENS
Get $5 off and FREE Shipping for $199+ orders @ 1-800-GET-LENS
Get $25 Off $249+ @ 1-800-GET-LENS
Get $30 off all orders $299+ @ 1-800-GET-LENS